About Frogman Down

Navy SEALs Fund – Brotherhood Beyond Battlefield® is honored to be the Title Sponsor and Host of Frogman Down. This program is an extension of the support provided by Navy SEALs Fund to all generations of those who have earned the Trident. Strengthening the bonds between Brothers builds strong families and strong communities.

Frogman Down is an annual event is dedicated to remembering Fallen Frogman while bringing together the Brotherhood; active duty and former military service members and their families.

A National Toast to Remember our Brothers who we have lost will be held every Memorial Day weekend at select locations across the United States and via live broadcast on the internet.

The designated presentation locations will be set as primary gathering places for the formal Memorial Toast. However, the event will also be broadcast so that anyone can join in remembering and honoring our country’s fallen heroes, no matter where they are.

Naval Underwater Demolition Teams were tagged with the “Frogman” label when people first saw them practically living with their fins on, and they later become known as SEALs.