2021 Frogman Down

Memorial Toast to Fallen Frogmen

Remembering the Brotherhood – May 30, 2021

Bringing locations from across the Country together as one to Honor and Remember those we have lost.

Thank you everyone for joining us today for Frogman Down 2021
Memorial Toast to Fallen Frogmen – Remembering the Brotherhood

We are sincerely grateful for heartfelt messages shared today by family and friends of our Fallen Frogmen.

Master of Ceremonies
Jonathan Gilliam
US Navy SEAL (fmr)

National Anthem
Jozey Begley

Bob Guzzo
US Navy SEAL (ret)

Special Contributions – History of K9 Warriors
Navy SEAL K9 Handlers

HMCM (SEAL) Lowell ‘Bo’ Burwell
SOC Will Chesney & Cairo
“No Ordinary Dog: My Partner from the SEAL Teams to the Bin Laden Raid”
SO1 Mike Ritland – Warrior Dog Foundation

Tribute Honoring Fallen Heroes of Extortion 17
6 Aug 2011
Never Forget

Toast Master
Don Shipley
US Navy SEAL (ret)
Warriors Rest – Extreme SEAL Adventures

Memorial Toast Reading Locations
Virginia Beach VA – Dave Hall (SEAL)
Bellows Air Station Hawaii – Danny Jessee (SEAL), Ken Connaster (SEAL)
Coronado CA – Duke Harbin (SEAL)
Fort Pierce FL – Kag Cagnoni (SEAL), Rick Wollard (SEAL)

Sponsors: We are honored to have partner organizations dedicated to caring for NSW Community joining in Frogman Down 2021

  • UDT/SEAL Museum
  • Silent Warrior Foundation
  • Navy SEALs Fund,- Brotherhood Beyond Battlefield
  • Warriors Rest (Extreme SEAL Adventures)
  • Warrior Dog Foundation
  • Michael Strange Foundation
  • 31 Heroes
  • Beyond The Teams
  • America’s Mighty Warriors
  • SEAL Future Foundation
  • American Addiction Center
  • Warrior Health

Music Contributions:
National Anthem sung by Jozey Begley
Re-Engage by Carlos Flanagan PhD, CAPT US Navy SEAL (ret)
Duo in G Major for Violin & Viola played by Melanie Mason (Viola), Lydia Wooden (Violin)

Video and Imaging Contributions:
Warrior Dog Foundation – Warrior K9
Michael Strange Foundation – Extortion 17

Production Team
Producers – Kate Ogden and Rachel Dzieran
Site Coordinator – Dave Hall (SEAL)
Technical Advisor – Drago Dzieran (SEAL)
Graphic Design Support – Jeff Feriozzi and Emmet Broderick

Frogman Down – Memorial Toast to the Fallen Frogmen is an extension of the support provided by the Navy SEALs Fund – Brotherhood Beyond Battlefield® to all generations of UDT/SEALs.  Strengthening the bonds between Brothers builds strong families and strong communities

If you would like to get involved with the Frogman Down Memorial program, please email getinvolved@navysealsfund.org